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Table of Contents

Why Get an HVAC Inspection Before AC Start Up?

Table of Contents

hvac inspection

HVAC inspection prevents unpleasant surprises

Even if your air conditioning system was fine when you last used it, unexpected problems can happen when you start up your system after it’s been idle for months. That’s why an HVAC inspection is a must.

Whether your system has been shut down for the winter, or because your business was closed due to the pandemic, it’s smart to get HVAC inspection before turning on your system again.

Here are just a few of the things that can happen when your cooling equipment sits unused:

  • Indoor components collect dust and grime, and outdoor ones are exposed to the weather plus all kinds of outdoor air pollution.
  • Build up on the parts can lead to corrosion and even refrigerant leaks.
  • Excess moisture can cause mold and mildew to grow.
  • Electrical connections can become loose.
  • Pests can make holes or nests in your ducts.

Don’t wait; get an HVAC inspection now to make sure everything is in good working order.

What exactly is an HVAC inspection?

An HVAC inspection involves testing the operation of your system and checking all its components.

The technician checks refrigerant levels, fan and compressor operation, electrical connections, and condition of all parts. The idea is to identify anything that’s not functioning as it should, and spot issues that could lead to a breakdown if not addressed.

An HVAC inspection is typically done as part of a preventative maintenance visit. An HVAC inspection might also be done to assess the condition of your equipment when you’re getting an estimate for a service agreement.

In addition to the inspection, a preventative maintenance visit includes carefully cleaning the system (especially the coils and drain lines that can become clogged with debris), changing filters, and tightening electrical connections if needed.

If the HVAC inspection reveals any worn or damaged parts, those parts are replaced to prevent breakdowns. If replacement parts and labor are not included in the preventative maintenance service contract, there will be an extra charge for that. However, those minor fixes are typically inexpensive and far less than the cost of the repair you would need later if you wait for a breakdown to happen.

Also, an HVAC inspection is the first step toward implementing HVAC strategies that can help to prevent the spread of COVID in your space and also improve overall indoor air quality. (Learn more about that from our free guide.)

HVAC inspection & HVAC maintenance: benefits for your business

Why spend the money on an HVAC inspection and preventative maintenance? It’s more than an insurance policy protecting you against something that may or may not happen. There are real benefits that you will get from keeping your equipment in peak operating condition.

Minimizing repair expenses.

As we mentioned above, the cost of replacing failing parts is much less than the cost of the repair you’ll need later if you neglect your system.

For example, you could replace a worn wire now (a very small expense) or replace your compressor (very expensive!) if it gets fried by an electrical short caused by the bad wire.

Or, clean the coils now (minor expense), or wait for corrosion to cause cracks and holes that leak refrigerant. Then you’ll need to replace the coils (much more expensive).

Preventing HVAC problems that hurt your business.

If you own a retail business, restaurant, gym, or service business, poor comfort conditions can drive away customers and hurt your bottom line.

That happens when:

  • Your AC isn’t cooling well enough, or failing to remove humidity.
  • You have temperature inconsistencies: some areas are too hot while others are too cold.
  • You have a breakdown and no AC during a heat wave!

Taking care of your system with an HVAC inspection and maintenance can help identify and fix problems before they interfere with business operations and profits.

Reducing your electric bill.

When you take care of your HVAC system with regular inspections and maintenance, your equipment consistently works at peak efficiency. That means it runs less to achieve better cooling conditions. And, when it runs less it uses less electricity. Especially for a business with a larger system that’s used 24/7 in the warm weather, the cost savings can really add up.

Making your equipment last longer.

Commercial air conditioning equipment is designed to last 15 to 20 years under ideal conditions. However, if you neglect inspections and maintenance, that life span will be much shorter. Because of all the harsh conditions your HVAC equipment is subjected to (like the ones I mentioned at the beginning of this article), it needs regular cleaning and adjustments to keep it working well. Otherwise, chances are high that it will fail long before its time.

How to get the best price for an HVAC inspection and maintenance

When you get a commercial HVAC service agreement, you’ll get a specific number of regular HVAC maintenance visits for a year (the number of visits depends on your equipment and usage). The contract should spell out exactly what will be done at each visit, what is included in the price, and what’s not included. And, it should be written in clear language that you can understand!

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