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HVAC Maintenance and Repairs

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It’s no surprise that California’s summers are getting more and more unbearable as the years pass by. It’s gotten so bad that even the winters in California are making most people sweat. Regardless of your temperature preferences for your “ideal sleeping condition”, every household, business, and building deserves to be equipped with the maintenance of cutting edge HVAC Knowledge and Expertise.

That’s where we come in! One of California’s leading educators and experts on all topics of HVAC, AerisAir has provided hundreds of their clients with cutting edge technology and repair systems.

Whether it be commercial HVAC repairs, emergency HVAC repairs, or basic household air conditioning maintenance, each of our Aeris Technicians follow a personalized maintenance program for each of our clients. We never let our customers melt in that California heat!

Lets Get Into The Basics

Home AC Maintenance Checklist

The image above provides our clients with a transparent channel of understanding concerning our services. We want you to feel secure, knowing that we are professionals, truly taking every single measure we can to protect your household from California’s dangerous heat. 

Our technicians follow these steps to a T. But on top of that, they provide personalized in-depth long lasting solutions for you to implement into your best household practices to prolong our services results. 


Does Your HVAC Product Need Maintenance?

First thing’s first, your AC can be broken even if it’s still working! Crazy, I know.

As California’s heat is getting stronger and stronger every year, our HVAC products must work harder to protect each household from the dangerous temperatures of the outside world. If you pair this idea up with the fact that an AC unit is one of the only products in your household that is being used almost 24/7 for most people, it makes complete sense that there will be some wear and tear on it over time. 


If you’ve had your AC or heating unit for over a year now without inspection or maintenance you’re probably already starting to feel the effects of a lackluster system. Which is part of the reason AerisAir created a personalized Membership program for all of their clients. We know how to keep your comfortability at 100% with each passing year. 


Here are the 5 most common signs that your AC & Heater Combo need a repair

Common Signs your HVAC Product needs repairs and maintenance

24/7 HVAC Emergency Service

HVAC Emergency Repair California

We are experiencing unprecedented heat waves in Southern California in 2022, and we have all hands on deck working day and night to make sure all of our customers are fully serviced. 

If your HVAC system fails you when you need it most, give us a call! 

If you’re experiencing mechanical issues with your air conditioning units, AerisAir is ready with one of our heating and air conditioning experts to solve your HVAC issues quickly and effectively, on the FIRST VISIT! Our technicians will not leave until the job is done in a timely manner. 

What to do if you need an Emergency HVAC repair ASAP?

  1. Call one of our AerisAir HVAC Technicians at (818)-538-7463
  2. Mark down what you think the issue is before our technician arrives for a speedy fix
  3. Turn off your faulty HVAC system immediately to prevent further damage
  4. We’ll have a Technician out to you ASAP!

Join the family with our all inclusive membership program!


Membership Benefits:


Furnace Cleaning

Complete cleaning of your blower system to provide better and cleaner air flow.


Calibration of Thermostat

Condenser Unit

Condenser Cleaning
Cleaning of the condenser unit's coils to ensure better and more efficient operation!



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