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Table of Contents

How Do AC Ducts Get Cleaned?

Table of Contents

How do Ducts Get Cleaned

The technicians at AerisAir have constructed an informative step-by-step plan to help guide our clients through the process of getting their AC ducts professionally cleaned. 

Our process involves the use of expert technology and insider knowledge to remove 100% of the waste and dust residue being built up by constant system usage. 

We wanted to provide this step-by-step tutorial because we at AerisAir know that within this year and the upcoming years, it’s only getting hotter in Southern California. We want to help you combat this heat and be as comfortable as possible. 

Call one of our expert technicians and take the first step in taking control of what’s being installed and cleaned in your house. No mistakes!

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Now that you know where to get the cleaning, let’s get into the details of the process: 

STEP 1: Professional Inspection 

After initially arriving at your location, the expert HVAC technician will take you through the process verbally and proceed to conduct a simple visual inspection. 

When this initial visual inspection is completed, and the main cleaning points of the ducts are pinpointed, the technician will administer specialized cameras to probe even farther and deeper into the ducts. 

Lastly, during the initial inspection, the HVAC technician should create a report about any ductwork that’s needed for leaks & kinks. They also offer to conduct repairs of damaged ducts. 

STEP 2: Negative Pressure

After the initial inspection is completed, the HVAC technician will collect the vacuum unit and begin the negative air pressure system process. 

When conducting a negative air pressure process, the technician will: 

  • Cut a simple hole in the access points of the AC duct 
  • Insert the vacuum hose head into the access point while covering it with an adhesive to prevent leakage
  • Turn on the vacuum unit and begin the removal

STEP 3: Waste Removal

After negative air pressure set-up, the technician will remove all agitation from the duct walls, and begin to suck out all pollutants from walls and within vent ducts such as: 

  • Dirt
  • Pollen
  • Debris
  • Bacteria

Unprofessional / novice HVAC technicians will usually skim over this step to speed the system cleaning process and maximize their time. 

With professional HVAC technicians like one’s from AerisAir, they will conduct a thorough waste removal process and provide before and after photography to ensure compliance. 

STEP 4: System Cleaning 

Aeris Air recommends to clients that they allow technicians to clean the other components of the HVAC system to establish system success.

This type of additional cleaning should include: 

  • Evaporator coil 
  • Drain pan
  • Outer duct walls
  • Air handlers blower motor

Doing this will increase system lifespan and improve filter quality and air quality in your own home. 

STEP 5: Final Inspection 

When everything is said and done, and reports are made, the HVAC technicians should complete one more final inspection of the air ducts to make sure nothing is missing

At this time, inspection for missing leakages, unseen damages, and dirt spots should be conducted. Make sure everything is thoroughly cleaned!

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